Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Git - irreverent quotes about the distributed source control system

While re-reading old emails and chat logs, I enjoyed to collect comments, criticisms and 'phrases of the day ' about the use that my team makes of Git, the distributed source control system.

Here's a short list (certainly incomplete, some quotes are definitely lost):

  • "Git commands have been designed by a serial killer in a bad mood."

  • "Git - The source control system that makes you feel stupid."

  • "Git has the option --linus_will_review_this_code acting exactly as it sounds."

  • "Git has the option --divide_by_zero."

  • "Git is awesome, unless you develop code for Windows."

  • "Git does not need any user interface."

  • "Git has the option --and_fix_this_code."

  • "Only the Chosen can use Git to its fullest extent."

  • "Git has a command 'git raise --venture_capital'."

If you read these quotes you may think we hate this tool, but it's not true. We like Git. Really.

It 's just that we enjoy grumbles.

[this post is a blatant translation of the original one, in italian language]