Thursday, October 27, 2011

Killerproject - the naked license agreement

License agreements, terms of use, lines and lines of words that get unnoticed every day (who has time to read 60 pages of legalese ?) but are very important, expecially when things go wrong.

So, why not create a great online service for the management and analysis of this documentation?

The naked EULA

What should this hypothetical service do ?

It will store the localized versions of the license agreement of a lot of applications and services reported by users. It will extract the most important information, translating into summaries and / or infographics. It will highlight the risks and differences with EULAs of other similar services. It will highlight the differences between different versions of the EULA of the same service.

How to use it ?

Do you need have to sign up to a new online service? Go on TNEULA (The Naked EULA) and check the summary and the various 'traps' that are awaiting you, but without reading the entire blob of text.

Have you got yet another update of the iTunes terms of use ? Go to TNEULA and it will only shows what's new since the previous version.

Do you have some doubts about the conditions and responsibilities of Sony in the use of your sensitive data and credit card? Go on TNEULA and it will highlight this specific part.

What do you think? Do you like it ? I could definitely become a regular user. And even a user much more aware of the services it is subscribed to.

Who starts to write it ?

[this post is a lazy translation of the original one, in italian language]

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Arduino Monster Case

Directly from ‘the labs’, this is a small and weird off-topic experiment that will go on as long as my office is filled with Arduino boards.

The Arduino Happy Monster Case is a ‘smiley-monster-shaped’ case that can hold an Arduino UNO or Arduino DUEMILANOVE, and make it very attractive !

Arduino Case (31)

Happy Monster Case features:

  1. Power supply and USB connector are easily accessible even when the board is in the case. I/O pins are not, so you’ve got to open the case in order to work with them.
  2. The monster can stay up on it foots or lying.
  3. Mouth and eyes can be left open, letting the board show, or closed by a plastic coloured sheet that gives a some colour.
  4. The Happy Monster Case is available in kit together with assempling instructions and advices for alternative assembling (eg. are you mounting shields ?), and some additional spare part.

In the remote eventuality you’re going to like it, is available with Blomming. I hope it is a good start for other funny side projects.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Social thoughts on follow and defollow

Off topic thoughts.

I’m not a social network enthusiast. I try to participate as fully as I can to those I like and, for the rest, just wander cautiously. At most I sign up, make experience, and then I cancel the account.

The thing that intrigues me the most, on social networks, it is the mechanism that connects users to each other. Technically this link is nothing particularly interesting, but entire book can be written about the emotional / cultural side of things.

Starting from the term used, which has an incredible weight.

There are social networks in which you are a friend, where you become a neighbour, where your are a contact and where, finally, you simply follow someone.

That's easy: follow.

Do you publish something I like or am curious with ? I follow your flow, so I can read something interesting.

Do you like my writing and public? You follow my flow, as long as you are interested ..

It sounds simple, but the interpersonal relationships on the Net get always complicated.Too often I see arguments and discussions about following and defollowing. Defollow used as annoyance, or follow used as a declaration of friendship.

It is me ? I have misunderstood ?

Just to clarify to 'those who follow me' the way I see it:

  1. In my opinion, the social 'following' basically means 'looking in one direction'. The digital life is nice because it makes you do things that would not be able to do physically, like following 200 people at once.
  2. ‘Following' does not necessarily mean 'we are friendly and we're friends for life'. It means that 'what you write arouses my interest, I want it in my timeline at this time'.
  3. The 'follow' and the 'defollow' are not forever. They are just a click away.
  4. I can 'defollow' because even if your content is interesting, you are filling my timeline and I can not read others.
  5. I can 'defollow' because I can’t follow too many people.
  6. I can 'defollow' necause you don’t write anything.
  7. I can 'defollow' because, finally, I realized that you write rubbish.

And that's all.

Which brings me to the final big question: "But it is more correct ‘unfollow’ or ‘defollow’ ?"

[this is a lazy translation of the original one, in Italian language]

Friday, April 29, 2011

Yes, this is Italy

This is a official note from the website of the Italian Presidenza del Consiglio.

The note says:

With regard to what some news agencies reported incorrectly, the President Silvio Berlusconi was careful from making a prediction on the Scudetto with Milan also for obvious superstitious reasons.

This is Italy.